Purple Things I Love: Purple Gloves

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Here’s a link to last week’s post, in case you missed it. 🙂

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A lot of times, when I’m looking for something purple to share, I simply go to Amazon and type “purple” in the search box and then look through the results. For example, this is one such result (affiliate link). I try to keep my stories in mind, so I have a way to link each item to a book of mine, which is sometimes easier said than done. LOL

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Here’s an example … I found this gorgeous hat (affiliate link). I know Lizzy learned to knit or knew how in one of my stories, but after writing more than twenty, I can’t recall which one. This is just one example. Oh, and while I love the hat, I’m so not a hat person. LOL I love to look at them, but hate wearing them.

I see things like sticky notes and pens that I use, but they don’t necessarily show up in my books, so I pass them by. For now, anyway. I may have to show you my favorites at some point, just because I can’t help myself. LOL

Then there’s the purple bath mat … I need that!! 😀

Click link to view. (affiliate link)

Eventually, I had to stop scrolling and choose something, because my wish-list was getting long! LOL So, I chose these purple gloves (affiliate link). There are a couple books I could link these to, but I chose Merry Christmas, Mr. Darcy!, because there’s lots of snow in that book that Lizzy’s hands might have needed protection from. I do wear gloves, and I have some purple ones, though they’re not as nice as these. They’re the cheapy ones from Wal-Mart. LOL

Do you wear gloves? What do you think of the ones I chose for Lizzy?

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