Purple Things I Love: Purple Christmas Decorations

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Here’s a link to last week’s post, in case you missed it. 🙂

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The day this post goes live will be Christmas Day, so I decided to make this post be about that wonderful holiday. <3

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This page (affiliate link) is the results of an Amazon search for “purple Christmas.” I was delighted to see that I actually own many of the items that showed up. A couple years ago, a dear friend sent me a couple boxes of purple Christmas decorations. Last year, I bought a bigger artificial tree, so I had plenty of pretty purple stuff to add to it. <3

Due to circumstances mostly out of my control, I will not be decorating this year. I’m bummed about it, to be honest. Seriously bummed. However, I’ll still have my special Christmas Eve solo celebration, and I have time to collect more purpliciousness for next year’s holiday season.

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For example, I might try to get this garland. (affiliate link) Or, perhaps one of these. (affiliate link) There’s a plain silver garland down below that I could get along with the purple one I linked. I could twine the two together and add it to the tree that way.

What do you think of purple decorations? I have two Christmas trees and a bunch of decorations, so next year I will have a purple tree in the living room and a traditional one with red, green, and white decorations in the dining room. Which do you prefer?

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