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As some of you probably already know, I have, at the time of writing this (December 15, 2019) decided to try my hand at selling crocheted sweaters. Not just any sweaters, either, but loose-fitting, lacy-ish ones.

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I spent a few weeks over the summer making these sweaters for myself and for friends. I love mine, and I know at least one friend has worn hers, though I confess three friends have yet to receive theirs. I’m hoping to send them later in the month, or maybe after the new year begins.

Anyway, I wore my sweater to a book signing, and a friend from high school, who lives in Arizona, asked me after finding out I made it, if that was another side job and if so, where can she buy some. I was shocked, to say the least. Nevertheless, I bought some yarn the next time I got paid and, as I write this, have one sweater ready to put together and one in my lap, barely started. (The sweaters are crocheted in two pieces and whip-stitched together.)

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I chose black for one sweater and the second one is a shade of purple called amethyst. You can find it at Amazon (affiliate link), at Wal-Mart, which is where I bought it, and at Herrschner’s, which is my favorite place to buy yarn and crochet/embroidery supplies but is a little pricier.

I can tell you that I am totally in love with this color! The one I made myself before is an ombre purple … this one. (affiliate link) I love the omber and always will, but this amethyst shade is just over-the-top gorgeous!

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I may buy more expensive yarns in the future, though that would mean raising the price of the sweaters. It would still need to be worsted weight yarn so the pattern would work.

If you are a crafter, what’s your favorite place to buy yarn, and what’s your favorite brand?

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