Mondays with Austen: Jane Austen Planners

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Now that I’ve caught up on adding my Austen Authors posts to my own blog, I can start looking for Austen-related items that are cool or different. I plan on at least six weeks of these, maybe more. Who knows … I may totally give up the idea of race recaps and stick with Austen on Mondays. 😉

Keep in mind that I’m searching Amazon for these items, in part because that’s where millions of people, most of my readers included, shop, and in part because I’m an Amazon affiliate and for every click from my post to Amazon’s site, there’s a chance I could earn a couple pennies. (Remember, there’s no cost to the one who actually clicks the link.)

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Anyway, I’ve said in other posts here on my blog that I love planners. I use a two-page-a-day Franklin planner (Blooms) and when I neglect it, nothing gets done. I have December 30 and 31 set aside to purge everything out of the binder and create a brand new setup. (I’m writing this on December 28th). I’m incredibly excited about it!

I’ve also decided to try a pocket-sized weekly planner for items that must be done downstairs. Far too often, laundry and other things get neglected when I leave my office, because my Classic A5 planner is too big to tote around with my cell phone and tablet (which go everywhere with me, at least in the house).

Click to check it out! (affiliate link)

To get back on track, before I began this post, I went to Amazon and typed Jane Austen in the search bar. Then, I started scrolling. Imagine my delight and surprise to find this Jane Austen Planner! (affiliate link)

You have no idea how hard it was to stop myself from buying it. However, there was no way to look inside, and without seeing it, I’m not sure I want to spend the $8 and change, plus tax and shipping.

But wait! There’s more!! This weekly planner (affiliate link) is another option for the Jane Austen fan. Oh good heavens!! Someone pull me away from the buy button!!!

Click to check it out! (affiliate link)

This second one does have a look inside feature, and has a very cute weekly layout with sections for each day and a page with a menu layout. I love it! I think I’ll wander off and check the bank balance …

Are you a planner person like me? Have you tried either of these planners? What were they like? Bonus points for pictures of the inside. 😉

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