Purple Things I Love: Men’s Purple Waistcoats

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Here’s a link to last week’s post, in case you missed it. 🙂

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So, I was kind of stuck about what to do for purple this week, especially what book to connect it to. Out of the last three Wednesday posts, only two were about purple and neither of those listed a story! Oops!

Leenie listed a bunch of options for me, because I could not wrap my head around how to choose. Once I saw where she was going with it, I opened my most recent book, Darcy’s Predicament (affiliate link), and began to skim it. She had mentioned tablecloths or dishes, so when one of the first things Darcy does in this book is take a bath, I immediately thought, “purple bath towels!” But then, he got dressed and my brain immediately latched onto his waistcoat.

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I searched Amazon and came up with some great choices. This waistcoat (affiliate link) is a more formal one, so I chose it as the ultimate one Darcy would wear, but for a ball, I think he might have worn this one. (affiliate link) What do you think? Is it too flashy for Our Dear Boy?

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