Thursday’s 300: Darcy’s Christmas Heir, Part 4

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We’re mostly through this long vignette. I’ll be making two more posts of a little over 300 words each and then we’ll be done. This is part four. Part one can be found here. Part two is here.  Part three is here.

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Elizabeth labored through the night while Darcy paced the hall outside her chambers. He ran his hands through his hair every time she screamed, often gripping it tightly and pulling.

“Why did we not invite someone to be here for this? Anyone would have done.” Darcy stopped pacing and punched the wall when his wife screamed again. “Leave it to Bingley to impregnate Jane at the same time I got Elizabeth with child. Now neither of us can be with the other, because our wives are due the same time.”

Darcy sighed. “At least Georgiana is not here to listen and be frightened.” He turned his eyes to the ceiling. “Thank you, Lord, for giving her the desire to stay in London with Mrs. Annesley for the Christmas season.”

Darcy paced some more. He lost all track of time, and though he knew he should sit down somewhere and rest, he was unable to force himself to do so. Elizabeth is not resting. Why should I?

Sometime in the middle of the morning of the next day, Darcy’s reflections were interrupted when the door to his wife’s chamber opened and Mrs. Reynolds stepped out. His gaze riveted on his housekeeper, he struggled to ignore the fear coursing through him so he could focus on her words.

“Mrs. Darcy is ready to see you now.”

Darcy’s eyes searched those of the longest-serving servant in his household. “It is over? She is well?”

Mrs. Reynolds smiled. “It is over. The mistress is tired, but hale and hearty, as is the babe.”

“The babe.” Darcy’s eyes drifted from his housekeeper to the bedroom door. “I have a baby. We have a baby.”

“You do.” Mrs. Reynolds’ smile remained as she watched Darcy process her words.

A sudden squall from the infant woke him out of his stupor and he jumped. His eyes widened as he looked at the housekeeper, a grin spreading across his face. In an impetuous and thoroughly un-Darcy-like action, he threw his arms around the woman who had been such a big part of his life since he was four years old. “I have a baby!” Darcy let her go and leapt to the chamber door, disappearing behind it.


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