Mondays with Austen: Pride and Prejudice Games

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This week, my choice of Jane Austen related things came quickly, for once. LOL I sat down to write and my Pride and Prejudice game came to mind, and I thought, “What a great thing to share!” Immediately, I went to Amazon and searched “Jane Austen game.” The search results showed tons of cool games, as you can see here. (affiliate link)

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My favorite of these games is Pride and Prejudice: The Game. (affiliate link) I received it as a gift a while back, and played it with Rose Fairbanks a couple years ago when she visited. I’ve not been able to play it since. Perhaps I should take a page from some fan fics and have a game going via mail (or chat, as the case may be) with someone else who has it. It’s an idea, anyway. LOL I greatly enjoyed the game, and I think Rose did, too. It’s pricey, though, at $42.00, and you’re not buying from Amazon but from one of two third-party sellers.

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My second favorite game on this page is this Jane Austen word search book. (affiliate link) I love word searches and other word puzzles, so I’d be all over this one. Bonus: it’s not nearly as expensive as the board game. It’s only $12.98, and Amazon fulfills it. I don’t know about you but, as much as I dislike Amazon, if I’m going to buy from their site, I’d rather they were doing the fulfilling. Clearly, I have issues. LOL  

I scrolled down past more word searches, other games, and some non-game Jane Austen items to find this gem. (affiliate link) Jigsaw puzzles are something else I greatly enjoy. I can envision myself clearing off the dining room table and taking all winter to piece it together, then taking it apart and doing it again next year. <3 It’s a bit pricier than the word search book at $15.99, but for the enjoyment, I’d say it’s worth it.

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In some of my books, Elizabeth plays games. Either games with her cousins or chess with her father or even Darcy. And, I’ve read dozens more JAFF stories where she does the same. I’m inspired to make games more of a feature in my upcoming books. We’ll see what I can do with it. 🙂  

Do you like games? What kind of games do you like? Do you have any you play regularly?  

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