Thursday’s 300: Darcy’s Christmas Heir, Part 5

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This is part five. Part one can be found here. Part two is here.  Part three is here. Part four is here.

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Darcy could see, on the other side of the room, Elizabeth with a bundle in her arms and the midwife bending over her. He gently shut the door behind him and tiptoed to the bed.

“There, do you feel that now?” The midwife looked pleased as she turned her eyes to Elizabeth.

“I do! Oh, my!” Elizabeth ran her finger over the baby’s cheek. “He’s so hungry!”

“He worked hard to come into the world. It is not surprising he worked up an appetite.” The midwife noticed Darcy standing on the other side of the bed and fell silent, curtseying to him.

“He?” Darcy swallowed.

Elizabeth finally noticed her husband, and smiled up at him. “Yes, ‘he.’ We have a son, my love, a beautiful, lively little boy.”

Darcy sank down on the side of the bed as he watched his child drink from Elizabeth’s breast. “A son.” Emotion surged through him, and he fought to hold back tears as his wife released the baby’s hold on her breast, lifted him for a quick burp, and held him to the other side to suckle some more. He wiped his eyes with his knuckle, then leaned over to kiss the dark hair that populated the top of the child’s head. “I love you,” he whispered to his heir. He looked up to see Elizabeth’s eyes twinkling at him. “I love you, too.”

Elizabeth smiled when she heard her husband’s hoarse declaration. “And I love you.” She used her free hand to touch his cheek, and when he leaned in to kiss her, lifted her face to him.

“Can I sit with you?” “Yes, please do.” Elizabeth’s attention was drawn back to the baby for a moment as she checked his progress, but when she felt Darcy’s weight bring the mattress down, she looked back up.

To be continued …


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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s 300: Darcy’s Christmas Heir, Part 5

  1. Hi Zoe – I waited to read all in a row – such a cute story – and today we had a little bit of snow. Not so on Christmas:-)
    Bye and have a good time, Doris

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