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I was sitting on the couch with my dog this morning, covered up with a couple blankets and I thought, “I should do my Monday blog post about Jane Austen blankets!” So, here you have it. LOL

Click to view. (affiliate link)

As always, here is my search results page. (affiliate link) Surprisingly, there are not many actual Jane Austen blankets on it, at least not near the top. A couple looked like they might have JA quotes on them, but I quickly realized they did not. However, if you scroll down a ways, there are more. They are clearly from China and have no customer reviews, but might be worth the money, especially this one. (affiliate link) It doesn’t have a quote like some of the others, but it’s huge at 80” by 60”, and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen book, so I can do without an actual quote. LOL

I decided to do a Google search, as well, to see what I could come up with that was not an Amazon item. Etsy had a few. Society6 also had some. And, CafePress had some. To be honest, as much as I like the great big one at Amazon, I found that I liked the ones on the other sites better. My favorites were at CafePress.

Click to see CafePress search results.

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