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I’ve had today’s Jane Austen item on my mind for a few days now. I got my feet wet one day recently, when we had a couple very cold, rainy days in a row. When I was done doing everything I had to do outside, I took my shoes off and turned them upside down over the bathroom heat register, removed my socks and tossed them on the floor to dry, and pulled out a pair of Jane Austen socks I got for Christmas last year. I put those socks on and spent the rest of the evening in comfort and warmth.

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

These socks are the ones I have. (affiliate link) I don’t know if the person who gave them to me bought them from Amazon or somewhere else, but that really doesn’t matter. I’ll share the Google search for them later in my post.

I have a second pair of Jane Austen socks … these ones. (affiliate link) They were also a gift, and like the above pair, I generally only wear these when I’m in for the day and my regular socks and shoes have gotten wet. I want them to last me a while, since they were gifts and I don’t generally have money to replace stuff like that.

There is another pair or two of Jane Austen socks if you scroll further down this Amazon search page. (affiliate link) I thought they were … meh, just okay. This Google search, however, revealed a quite delightful pair. They are purple, and available at several places. <3 I’ll have to save my pennies and try to get myself a pair for my birthday. 🙂

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

What do you think about these Jane Austen socks? Is this something a “true Janeite” would wear, or are there people out there in the world who would hate them because they “exploit” Jane Austen, or somehow disrespect her? Feel free to comment below with your opinion.      




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