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This week, I’m starting us out with an excerpt of Darcy Overhears, which is currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. (affiliate link) 

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Darcy was silent, and rigid with anger as he mounted his horse outside Longbourn and nudged it into motion, Bingley and Hurst following quickly behind. The ride back to Netherfield was quiet, and accomplished swiftly. Once in the house, the three gentlemen gathered in Bingley’s study, Darcy pacing to the window. He found the serenity of nature to be conducive to sorting out his thoughts. He heard Bingley behind him, calling for a tea tray. A minute later, he heard the squeak of leather as his friend joined Hurst in front of the fireplace.

So, Bennet has chosen to ignore your warning.” Hurst’s voice clearly displayed his disgust.

Darcy sighed, shaking his head. “He has. I do not understand why. Why would he leave his daughters unprotected?”

“You do not think he will tell them of the threat?” Bingley’s voice indicated surprise.

Darcy turned as a maid entered with the tea service. He remained silent, as did they all, until the girl had curtseyed and departed. When the door clicked shut, he spoke. “No, I do not think he will. He does not see a threat, and it is likely that restricting his daughters will be more effort than he is willing to expend.”

“So the trip this morning was wasted?”

“No,” Darcy assured his friend, “I do not think so.”

“Bennet is now aware of the risk,” Hurst interjected. “If anything should happen, the responsibility rests on his shoulders.” He turned to Darcy. “What step do you intend to take now?”

“I must write to my cousin and see what he can do. I have doubts about that path; the militia is a separate entity from the regulars, and I do not think the two mingle. However, Richard has contacts everywhere, and if it is possible to remove Wickham from the militia and insert him into the regulars, he will make it happen.”

Bingley sipped his tea as he listened, then nodded his understanding. “And in the meantime?”

“In the meantime, I should visit the local merchants. Wickham has not been here long enough to collect any debts, but he will. I will warn them.” Darcy took a sip out of his own cup. “If they also ignore me, I can always go back around and pay the debts and use that as incentive for Wickham to disappear.”

“Too bad there is not a more permanent solution.”

“I agree, Bingley, but I also refuse to break moral and civil laws to find one.”

“I know. I only wish for him to disappear, and be unable to hurt anyone else.”

As do we all, my friend; as do we all.” Darcy’s mouth twisted into a grimace before he raised his cup to his lips one more time.


In this excerpt, Darcy, Bingley, and Hurst have overheard Mr. Wickham speaking about seducing Elizabeth Bennet. They have been to Longbourn to warn Mr. Bennet, who either doesn’t believe them or doesn’t think Lizzy is in any real danger. Darcy and his friends have just returned from Longbourn, and Darcy is livid. As happens in all good JAFF stories, the gentlemen have a spot of tea upon their return to Netherfield.

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I love tea services, so I decided to search out some purple ones. As always, I looked on Amazon first. Here is the search results page. (affiliate link) It could be my eyes, but most of the upper items on that page don’t look all that purple to me. However, when I scrolled down a ways, I found this lovely set. (affiliate link)

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

I love everything about this tea service. I love the delicate shaping of the handles and the gorgeous flowers the most. None of my “sets” are complete. I have several that are a cup and saucer. Not one has a sugar bowl or cream pitcher. Though this is, in my opinion, a pricey set, I’d love to have it.

This is a nice set in purple, but it’s just the cups and saucers. (affiliate link) It’s far more affordable than the first set I showed you. You could get this purple kettle to go with it, to make it more complete. (affiliate link)

I hear water boiled on the stove is better for tea than water boiled in a microwave. I’m not giving up my microwave, however. Let’s not go crazy here. LOL

Do you drink tea? Do you enjoy delicate tea services, or do you like yours in a mug? Does it matter to you how the water was heated?


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