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At this stage in my computing life, I generally do not use a mouse pad. I know you’re supposed to and that sometimes the mouse works better with a pad, but I don’t. They get dirty and skanky. They never seem to be sitting in the position I need them to be. The one I had with a wrist rest ended up hurting my wrist more than helping. So, I don’t use them.

That being said, there are some cute ones out there. I’d love one with my logo on it, but since I wouldn’t use it, I’m not sure I want to spend the money. LOL

Anyway, I did a Google search for Jane Austen mouse pads, and this is the page that popped up. I began clicking on the first results, and found a large variety of mouse pads with Jane Austen themes.

Cafepress had this page. It has a whole lot of options. Many of the designs I’ve seen before in memes and on other products, but all make for good mouse pads. There were so many choices that I couldn’t decide which I liked best! The “I <3 Darcy” one is nice, as is the “Obstinate Headstrong Girl” one. 😉

Click me!

Zazzle also had a large variety. This one is my favorite. It appeals to the fighter in me, I guess. LOL

Etsy had this mouse pad. It’s nice but very formal. I can see buying this for a strict Janeite who doesn’t like JAFF, but if I were to buy for one of my JAFF friends, I’d pick something else. The exact same item, sold by the exact same seller, can be found on Amazon at this link. (affiliate link)

If you were going to buy one of these, which would it be? Were you able to find a favorite?


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