Mondays with Austen: Jane Austen Tattoos

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Now, I am not a tattoo lover. I don’t find them the least attractive, despite being fond of looking at Jason Mamoa and others like him. It’s not the tattoos that attract me, it’s that he’s got that bad boy vibe, and I’m a sucker for a bad boy. (The exact kind of guy I don’t want and should not have. I’m a conundrum. But I digress …)

I don’t know where the idea of writing about Jane Austen tattoos came from. I suspect I saw something about it when I was trolling for blog post ideas a few weeks ago to add to my planner. Regardless, I now present you with Jane Austen tattoos.

Not all of what I show you today will have a buy link, and none are affiliate links. 🙂

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The first hit on my Google search was an article from The article shows us several tattoos, from small and tasteful to an entire, arm-covering sleeve. My favorite is number six, which is the “we are all fools in love” quote on one of those infinity loopy things. IF I were to get a tattoo (and that’s a humongous IF), that’s the one I would get. I did discover that the first one on the list is temporary, which was honestly a relief. Now, the text of the article says there are ten tattoos on the list but I only see eight, so … yeah.

The next result was this article on the Popsugar site. This page has a slideshow and is one of the sites that slows my computer down. Normally, I won’t look at these, because a slow computer is a highly annoying and aggravating one, but for my readers, I’ll do a lot. 😉 I could only see half the images. One never showed up at all and the rest all had an Instagram icon in the center of a field of white. Some were similar to the Bustle ones, right down to the same picture. My favorite from the ones I could see on Popsugar was the “obstinate, headstrong girl” one. Frankly, that’s a good description for me. 😀

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The next site to come up on the Google search was Here you can buy a box of temporary Jane Austen tattoos for $7.00. My only objection to these is that they have a representation of a wet-shirted Colin Firth for Darcy. I can’t stand Colin Firth. What I like about them is that they are colorful. They include a stack of books, I assume meant to represent Austen’s published novels, and one of Pemberley. They’re pretty cool, considering they’re the equivalent of stickers and go on one’s body. LOL

Even BookBub has something on their blog about Jane Austen tattoos. The site famous for inexpensive and free ebook emails lists fourteen of these tattoos. As with previous sites, some of these are repeated from other sites. Some, however, are new. For example, they show tattoos with lines from Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Emma, in addition to the Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion ones on the other sites. Additionally, a couple of the ones BookBub shows have got to be pretty pricey. They are large and highly detailed. I can’t imagine sitting through the number of sessions these people did to get these tattoos, being poked with needles. Needles, people! *shiver*

Click to view on BookBub’s blog.

If I had to choose a favorite from among the ones BookBub shared, I’d have to pick the one that simply says, “Ardently”. With tattoos, it seems I feel simple is better than complex. LOL

Do you have any tattoos? If so, are any Jane Austen ones? If not, would you get a Jane Austen tattoo? Which would you choose, if you were to get one?



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