Thursday’s 300: A MUCH Later Meeting, Part 4

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In this story, Lizzy is fifty years of age and Darcy is fifty-seven or fifty-eight. Neville is not Mary’s oldest child.

Pride & Prejudice was written in the late 1700’s and published in 1813. I’ve always considered it unlikely that people assume a book written before the turn of a century was set in the year it was published.

As I often do, in my head, I said Elizabeth turned 20 in 1810. Thirty years later is 1840, which is the year in which this little story is set. Lizzy is 50. I have reasons for her being this age, so it’s important to me that you understand this.

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Elizabeth and Mary spent the next quarter hour circulating amongst their neighbors and friends, making small talk and catching up on local gossip. Mary’s husband came to claim her for a dance, and Neville requested Elizabeth’s company for the same set.

A little while later, Elizabeth was sitting out a set on the opposite side of the room. The dark haired gentleman she had admired was standing a few feet away, staring out at the dance floor. Before long, the young blond man who was Neville’s friend approached the gentleman and spoke to him.

At the same time, Neville walked up to his aunt, taking her hand and making her laugh. He kissed her fingers and she shooed him away. “Go tease your mother, you young scamp.”

As Neville strode away, Elizabeth heard his friend and uncle speak.

“Come, Uncle Darcy, you must dance. I hate to see you standing about like this.”

“You know I dislike dancing unless I am particularly known to my partner. Dancing with strangers is insupportable.” Darcy’s deep voice was tinged with annoyance.

“Mama warned me you would say that. She said it is no wonder you never married, since you refuse to speak to anyone to whom you are not already intimately acquainted.” Lord Frary looked over his uncle’s shoulder. “Look, over there, she likes to dance, as I understand it. She is Dalrymple’s aunt; I will ask him to introduce us.”

Darcy turned and looked at Elizabeth. He examined her from head to toe, finally catching her eye. “I learned a long time ago not to give insult by refusing to dance with a lady when prompted, if she was close enough to hear my conversation. If you will procure an introduction, I will ask her to dance the next set.”

“Excellent!” Lord Frary grinned. “Stay there; I will return shortly.”

True to his word, Darcy’s nephew approached not five minutes later, his friend in tow.

The story continues here.


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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s 300: A MUCH Later Meeting, Part 4

  1. I can only assume it was my questions last week that caused your introduction to this week’s snippet of the story. It is obvious Darcy has learned a lesson, but why do they not recognize each other? I would have thought that if neither married because they could not forget the other that they would have recognized each other immediately!

    • I had several people who thought Elizabeth was younger than I have made her. I thought it best to clear up the confusion. 🙂

      This is the very first time Elizabeth and Darcy are meeting. Bingley never leased Netherfield. He never met Jane. None of that happened.

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