News and Updates: Saturday, March 21, 2020

Welcome to (or back to) Austen Promises! Below are my news and updates for this week. Enjoy!


We are living in strange and difficult times right now. I confess I struggled for nearly a week with anger over the way things have been shut down right and left. However, I can’t live that way, and the moment I realized the intensity of my feelings, I stopped immediately and prayed and adjusted my attitude. I can’t change what is happening, and being upset about it is not healthy.

I have spent the last few days analyzing my writing business and making decisions about how to go forward during this trying time. I want all of you to know that I care about you and I recognize how serious this situation is for many of you.

My tag line is “sweet escapes” and one of my gifts is that of giving you, my readers, an escape. If you have not yet felt a need to escape the madness and fear, you will sooner or later. My job is to provide you with a way to get your mind off your worries and concerns. To that end, I will be sharing funny memes on Facebook, just like always, for those of you who are active on that platform.

If you need to talk things out, I offer my ears/eyes to you. Feel free to email me with your concerns. I may not be able to do anything about them, but I can commiserate. <3

I have also made some pricing changes to my books. Read on to find out more …

One good thing about this week is that I have written more than 11,000 words in the last seven days. I wrote 3,120 last Saturday and 8,529 this week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). That’s one of the best weeks I’ve had in months. I hope to finish this story in three or four writing days, though it may take longer. This is Darcy’s Uneasy Betrothal, which is a Patreon-exclusive story. Once it’s finished, I’ll get it ready for publication. Then, I’ll give copies to my Patrons, and after that share it on darcyandlizzy while it’s being uploaded and the print versions are being formatted.


Related to this news, I will be releasing Darcy’s Uneasy Betrothal in Kindle Unlimited. I will only keep it there for one cycle, so it will go “wide” in the summer (July-ish). I know this will be a disappointment for my wide readers, but given the fact that people are stuck at home, many without an income, I feel better giving them a chance to read it as part of their subscription than I would making them do without. (I hope that made sense. LOL)


I am in the process of temporarily lowering the prices of my novels and bundles. For the duration of This Present Crisis, all my $6.99 books will be priced at $4.99, and all my $7.99 bundles will be priced at $5.99. This is taking some time to do, so please be patient with me. I promise to let you know when the project is done. Prices will be adjusted by territory, so they may be slightly higher or lower where you live. Honestly, some of the territories I had no idea what to do with! LOL


For Kobo readers, my big, 8-book bundle called Darcy & Elizabeth: A Pride & Prejudice Variation 8-Book Box Set has been accepted into their March 40% off sale. This means the book, priced at $24.99, will be $14.99 (or so). The set, if each book was purchased individually, is worth somewhere around $40, so to pay $14.99 is a great deal. The sale runs from next Wednesday (March 25, 2020) to the following Wednesday (April 1, 2020). Be watching my emails and the Kobo site for a code to use at checkout to get the discount. I’ll also be posting it on Facebook.


Georgie’s Redemption will be 99¢ from March 30th to April 2nd or 3rd. It will be announced in a Fussy Librarian promotional email on the 30th. If you’ve not signed up for their emails, you can, or you can watch my Facebook page and my emails.

As I said earlier, I was pretty angry for several days, but I have mostly got over it. Now I’m more, “Please, everyone just comply so we can get this over with already.” LOL

How are you coping? Are you well? Is everything going okay? Please let me know how you are, and as I said before, if you need to vent to someone, I have big shoulders and am happy to listen. (((hugs)))



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