Mondays with Austen: Jane Austen Fibercrafts

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DISCLAIMER: This post contains Amazon links. If you click on them, it costs you nothing, but may result in me earning a few pennies. The links are clearly marked.

This week’s interesting Jane Austen thing is inspired by a book I bought a couple years ago called Austentatious Crochet. I’ve yet to attempt any of the projects, but I do plan to at some point. LOL

Of course, crochet was not invented yet in the Regency period; however, knitting was popular, even among wealthy ladies. I’ll share both knitting and crochet things with you, just to be fair. 😀

Click to view at Amazon. (affiliate link)

For this week’s research, I started on Amazon (affiliate link), simply because that’s where I found the book and I knew I would have success there. However, I did also search Google, but only for crochet items.

I have to confess that I’m, frankly, shocked at the sheer number of crochet items related to Jane Austen. I’m not sure I can fit them all in here. I’ll give it a shot, though.

Let me start with the book I bought. (affiliate link) The woman who wrote it has a Ravelry shop. You can see all of her patterns actually created and get details about them. She does refer you to Amazon, though, so you have to buy the book to get the pattern.

Next on the Google list, I clicked on this Etsy result. This page shows some cute Jane Austen “dolls.” Let me see if I can get this name typed right … amigurumi. Hmmm … Microsoft Word doesn’t like it but I’m pretty sure I got it right, so I’m going with it. LOL Anyway … The page has crocheted Regency doll clothes, some specifically for Barbie, Jane Austen stitch marker sets, and a Pride and Prejudice lighted Christmas tree.

Click to view pattern.

The page does have things that are not crochet-related and some that are not Jane Austen-related, but you’ll have that. LOL

I love to get things free, and I’m sure you do, as well. Here is a link to a free Jane Austen amigurumi pattern.

I did say I’d mention the knitting stuff, so I best get busy with it. LOL

Amazon has two books of patterns. This one (affiliate link) has 27 patterns by various designers. They are interspersed with various facts about Jane Austen and her time period, and the patterns are named for various of Jane’s characters. This book (affiliate link) actually gives directions for knitting Regency characters. For example, you can knit a Lydia Bennet or Captain Wentworth. I find this one highly amusing, and if I knew how to knit, I might attempt to make a couple. LOL I could create them and then use them to act out a story. LOL

Stitch markers. Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Normally, I choose something from each site that I like and share them with you. Today, however, I choose to go with a single item I found both at Amazon and Etsy. These stitch markers (affiliate link) have risen to the top of my wish-list. I would need more than the three that come with one order, so I’ll order more than one set when the time comes. Etsy has this set, which is far pricier, probably because they are hand-made rather than mass-produced.

Are you a crocheter or knitter? Have you ever tried to knit or crochet something Regency-ish? Tell me about it, if you like, in the comments below. <3



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