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This week’s rather enjoyable Austen-related item is coloring books. I don’t know about you, but I like to color now and then, and at least one of my friends does it regularly as a way to relax and fill her creative well. Another friend gave me a coloring book and a set of colored pencils. I keep them near my desk and every now and again, I take a few minutes to use them.

Click to visit Jane Austen Books.

I started out today’s post with a Google search. Here is the results page. At the top are a ton of images, but I skipped those this time. Instead, I looked at the top four or five links.

Amazon’s result was at the top, of course, but I chose to skip that for now. Instead, I clicked on this link to a site called Jane Austen Books.

Disclosure: This site is run by ladies from my local JASNA group, of which I am a member. They do not have a physical storefront, nor have I done more than email them. I have spoken to at least one, because I went to a meeting once, but I don’t know who is who or anything like that.

Click to view at Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, they have more than just Austen-related coloring books, but they do have a nice selection. I like the fashion plate ones the best. (None of my books are on this site, by the way, though I see plenty of Meryton Press books and a couple by former Austen Authors members.)

Next up is this offering from Deseret Books. It looks pretty cool, with illustrated quotes and some intricate designs. The previous site does not have this one, which is part of why I chose to highlight it. 🙂

This same coloring book can be found at Barnes and Noble, here, and for the same price. However, if you scroll down, there is a row of other coloring books, the first of which is another Jane Austen one.

Finally, we come to Amazon’s option. (affiliate link) I’m pretty sure they offer others, as well, but this is the one that came up in the search.

Click to view at Barnes and Noble.

Last year, I gave away a coloring book as part of the summer Austen Authors giveaway. I’m pretty sure this one from Barnes and Noble was the one, but I don’t remember. I’d have to go back and search my files. LOL

Do you like to color? Which of the books here do you like best?  





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