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This week’s Jane Austen item, boxed sets, has some lovely options to it.

I’m not a fan of hardback books. I never have been. The only books I own that are hardback are some about historical figures (George Washington comes to mind) and a couple small devotionals. I refused to pay for a hardback when my favorite non-JAFF author, Frank Peretti, came out with his last book. I bought it in e-book format for less than half the cost of the hardback and that only because it was either not available in paperback or was too expensive. That was several years ago, so my memory of the event is fuzzy. I just know I never finished it. It has a time travel element to it and I dislike those. Shrug

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Anyway, what I do like about Jane Austen boxed sets is how colorful they are. As you can see from this Google search results page, there are several gorgeous options available.

One set that I found in several places is this one. (affiliate link) It contains the six completed novels, plus Love and Friendship. I’ve not read Love and Friendship, but near as I can tell, it’s a compilation of Austen’s juvenilia and her early writings. This same set can be found at Barnes & Noble for almost $70 more. As much as I love Jane Austen’s books, I can’t justify paying this much money, so I have to pass. LOL Penguin Random House has the same set for the same price as Barnes & Noble, so I guess you have choices as far as from whom you buy. <3

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On the BookRiot website, I found a list of Jane Austen boxed sets. This article is from 2017, and when I clicked the link to look at the first set, the page could not be found. I guess that means that it’s no longer available.

I was able to find this set (affiliate link), which I adore, but the article says it was a limited run and the price now is well over $200, so it’s out of my league. LOL

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

There are other sets listed, including the very first one I mentioned in this article. Some seem to be individual books, paperbacks, that you must buy separately, which sort of defeats the purpose of a boxed set, in my opinion. So, I didn’t list them. LOL

Which boxed set was your favorite?



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