News and Updates: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Welcome to (or back to) Austen Promises! Below are my news and updates for this week. Enjoy!


We’ve made it through six weeks. Go, us! <3

This is a slow news week. LOL I only got a couple thousand words written this week. Yard work has begun, and that is again wiping me out, since I’ve let my physical health go in the last few months. That’s my excuse for Monday. LOL I did bills on Wednesday and a grocery run on Thursday, then today (Friday) was just one interruption after the other. Last Friday was the same. Must be something about that day. LOL


I wrote some on the Thursday’s 300 story on the blog and some on the new, untitled story. I’m not far enough into it yet to give it a title. LOL


My Austen Authors post was this past Monday. I’m giving away two e-book copies of Darcy’s Uneasy Betrothal. If you’re interested in entering, click this link, read my post, and leave a comment. You have until 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 to enter.

In personal news, I finally had a trip to Wal-Mart that I feel was successful. I got real toilet paper (Charmin, which is not my usual brand but has more than one ply), found a big, four-pound bag of powdered milk, and (miracle of all miracles) fold-top sandwich bags! I snatched up two of those. I was about giddy with joy! <3


I’ve been getting irritated again and am giving very serious consideration to driving my whiny bum to the lake/state park and writing out there at least two hours a day. I’d have the same issue as at the bakery, as far as potty breaks go, since the park’s bathrooms are closed, but it would give me some alone time, so it might be worth it.


Our stay-at-home order was extended to May 29th. Picture me rolling my eyes here. However, businesses are beginning to open today. There is hope. LOL


I know some of you have been locked down for longer than six weeks. How are you all doing? Ready to get out again? Have your kids survived? What about your spouses? Remember, if you feel the need to vent, I’m a total stranger to most of you and have big shoulders. Feel free to hit reply and complain to me. I love to hear from my readers! <3



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2 thoughts on “News and Updates: Saturday, May 2, 2020

  1. I feel your pain. I’m an introvert and don’t get out much normally but the fact that I can’t is frustrating. Plus with everyone home 24-7 that means zero alone time (husband, 3 teenagers and 4 cats). I’ve left the house once since the beginning of March. I packed up the kids, drove across town to my Mom’s house last week and we sat in the yard to visit while my Mom,sister and nephew sat on the porch. I’m high risk due to asthma and health issues so I’ll be stuck home for the foreseeable future so thank god for books 💜 Yours have brought me quite a bit of joy and I hope you keep writing. I’ve had fun with the Austenesque Readathon on Facebook and seeing what everyone else is reading. Hopefully we can get a solution for this insanity soon and be able to get out more. Stay safe and hang in there!

    • Thanks for commenting! <3

      I don't leave much, and often, when I do, I stay in my truck (which usually means I'm getting McDonald's or Dairy Oasis). It doesn't help that the weather is finally getting nice, either.

      I'm happy you enjoy my books! I hope to keep writing for a long time! <3

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