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I always get inspiration for these purple posts from rereading my books. Sometimes, I have to read an entire book to find an idea, and other times, I find it in the first few pages. Today’s post was inspired by the following excerpt from Darcy’s Surprise Betrothal.


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Mrs. Bennet had, indeed, been persuaded to descend the stairs and eat with her guests. True to Elizabeth’s mental prediction, it was the discovery that both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy were single that convinced her it was a good idea. “Oh! Perhaps one of them might be persuaded to marry Jane, and then we will be saved!”

Elizabeth’s frustration was evident in her voice. How I wish I could chastise her in a way that she would listen! “Mama, we are in mourning. None of us can marry for a year. Besides, Mr. Darcy is Papa’s age. He loved his wife very much. I doubt he would be interested in marrying a woman younger than his son.”

Mrs. Bennet paused in her exultations long enough to consider that fact. “Very well,” she conceded, “you may be correct about that. Still, he has a son who is unmarried. He will do for Jane.”

“Unmarried does not mean unattached. Please do not push Jane at him.”

Whirling around to look at Elizabeth, Mrs. Bennet fired back. “Do not tell me what to do, young lady. We need a saviour, and one of those men will be it.” She turned back around to check her appearance in the mirror as Sally finished buttoning her gown. “One way or another, they will not leave here without my Jane being married to one of them.”


As I always do, I began this post with a Google search.  The results page, found here, brought me a long list of places with purple buttons. Of course, Amazon and Etsy were two of the online stores that offered them for sale, but I also discovered some new places I’d never heard of before.

Click to view at buttons.com.

The first site I clicked on was Buttons.com. I was delighted to find their colorful search results were all purple, at least at the top. They have purple buttons here of every hue, shape, pattern, and size. I had a hard time finding a favorite, but when I went to page two (fear of missing out, you see), I found this delightful pair. I love flowers, and adore pansies, so these are perfect. <3

The next site I looked at was called Totally Buttons. Though this search page did not strike me as colorfully as the previous one did, it still has a very nice selection. Again, you can find many sizes, shapes, and shades of purple in these buttons. When you get further into the results, on page four, you start to see buttons with patterns. I don’t know how they organize the buttons – if it’s based on a computer algorithm or just how they loaded the images or whatever – but maybe patterns are not as popular, in their experience.

This is a UK site, so the prices may vary for non-UK purchasers. I did not take the time to check into shipping abroad.

Hearts are one of my favorite things and are part of my branding, so I chose as my favorite buttons from this site, these heart-shaped buttons. They’re adorable and a lovely dark purple. <3

Click to view at totallybuttons.com.

The next site I looked at was Huntington Fabric Depot. I was not as enamored with their selection. The ones at the top are labeled as purple but don’t really look like it to me. It wasn’t until I got to the middle of the page that I found what I’d truly call purple buttons. This site had some heart-shaped buttons on the second page, but they’re not all that different from the ones I chose above.

Amazon has oodles of purple buttons. (affiliate link) No surprise there. LOL My favorites are these rhinestone ones. (affiliate link) I had to search through three and a half pages of results to find something that struck me. LOL

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Now, most people probably do not consider buttons very much, which is maybe why they struck me as the perfect purple item this week. LOL

Do you? Maybe you’re a crafter or seamstress and work with buttons a lot. If so, which buttons would you choose, if you needed some?


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