News and Updates: Saturday, June 20, 2020

Welcome to (or back to) Austen Promises!

Below are my news and updates for this week. Enjoy!


How are things? It’s been a very busy week here!

I did not get much writing done this week. Allergy shots are one reason. I wrote 1,020 words the other day (when exhausted LOL) and did a couple web pages for my side job a day or two before that.


My Austen Authors post is this coming Monday, June 22nd. The topic is a comparison of tea-time in the Regency and Victorian eras. I’ll be linking the topic to my Thursday’s 300 story.


I will soon be putting my first eight books into Kindle Unlimited via a book bundle. The bundle is currently on sale at Kobo for $24.99. I am undecided about the price on Amazon. I have held off putting this bundle there for a specific reason related to that. However, I believe it will be a great way to introduce newer JAFF readers to my first stories and will give older readers who are Kindle Unlimited subscribers a way to revisit the books. Most of my other book bundles will come down when I put this big one up.

I gave in and went back to the allergy doc for shots. It didn’t go all that well but now that I’m prepared, I won’t freak out next time. LOL


I think I told you about my Done Journal. I log each day what tasks I have completed, in the color set aside for that day (for example, Fridays are pink and Wednesdays are green), then decorate the page(s) with planner stickers and washi tape. I have found I’m deriving great enjoyment from the process.


As a result of the fun I’m having with the Done Journal, I have decided to change how I do my Bible studies. Instead of just writing what I learn in a notebook, I’m going to create a Bible Study Journal. I was gifted some Happy Planner paper, and bought some disks and a cover. When they come in, I’ll put it all together and put my insights into the journal every day, then decorate. I’m looking forward to starting! <3


I think I’ve talked before of my health journey (or staycation, depending on the week). I’m proud to say that I have gotten on the treadmill every day for the last nine days in a row! That’s huge, to be honest, and I’m hoping with all I am I can keep it up! The next goal is 11 days. Then 14, then the rest of the month. <3


I’ve begun looking for sleep trackers. I feel that I need to keep a record for a while of how long I sleep, from what hour to what hour, and why I didn’t sleep, when I don’t. I’m tired of not sleeping and need to understand what trends are happening so I can feel better.


How are things with you all? Has anything good happened? Are you feeling well, physically, mentally, and emotionally? Feel free to leave me a comment below, even if it’s just to vent. I love to hear from my readers! <3



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