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A couple years ago, when my brother’s eldest was with child and I attended her baby shower, I was delighted when she asked for books. Being a former teacher, I went hog wild with it. LOL One of the books I bought was a baby version of Pride and Prejudice. It was adorable! When I was thinking of Austen-related items to share with you, that book came to mind, so today, they’ll be my topic.

Usually, I try to show you as many options as I can, but this week, I think I’ll limit it so I can gush a bit about the ones I like best. If you wish to look at all the goodies, here is the link to my Google search results.

First, the book I bought Riley …

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Amazon tells me it was three years ago, or nearly so, that I bought this Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice book for my oldest great/grand (can never remember which it is) niece. (affiliate link) This is a board book with simple words/phrases and an accompanying picture of felted Darcy, Bingley, and the Bennet sisters. My favorite part was the word “mean” and the picture of Darcy alone. <3 I laughed hysterically! I’ve not had opportunity to read the book to any of my little nieces, but I hope to someday. <3

Cozy Classics has other Jane Austen titles, as well.

The next book is for slightly older readers. The Complete Jane Austen has gorgeous illustrations and is presented in chapter book form. It contains all six of Austen’s completed novels, written at a level young readers can easily understand. This is where the former teacher in me comes out, whether I want it to or not; if I had a classroom, you can bet your bonnet this book would be part of my classroom library! The book is published in the UK, so would be expensive for anyone abroad to buy, but in my opinion, it would be worth the cost.

Click to view on Usborne website.

We all know that Pride and Prejudice is my favorite of Austen’s novels, so this next book had to be the third in my little list. This one is for pre-readers, kids who are too young to read. This Lit for Little Hands Pride and Prejudice has interactive things for the kiddos to pull and push and interact with while Mom reads to them. The Amazon listing for the book gives you a picture of what it looks like open, though there obviously is no Look Inside feature because it’s a physical book. (affiliate link) I think this one is adorable, as well, and from what I can see, it’s very well done.

There are so many other choices out there for introducing kids to Jane Austen. This would be the longest post in the world if I looked at all of them, so despite my desire to delve into them all, I will respect your time and stop here.

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I encourage you all to read to your kids, and to introduce them to Austen and other classics from a young age. I tell people all the time that research has shown if you read to your baby when it’s in the womb, it will be smarter after it’s born. (Not that anyone listens. <insert eyeroll>) Which of these books tickled your fancy the most?



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