News and Updates: Saturday, June 27, 2020

Welcome to (or back to) Austen Promises! Below are my news and updates for this week. Enjoy!


How in the world is it Friday already?

In writing news, I’m proud to say I have finished the Thursday’s 300 story! A MUCH Later Meeting is currently in the editing process. I plan to send a free copy to each of you, but I’m not sure how. I can send an extra email out, or I can wait and send it to the entire list in four weeks. I promised not to send extra emails, though, and I have already screwed up twice in as many months, so I’ll probably just hold off until the next monthly email to send it out.

I will set up a preorder soon, with a release date of July 16th. Patrons at Patreon will get a free copy before release day, and I’ll put the final episode up on the blog on July 23rd. I’ll post at somewhere in between those two dates.


My Austen Authors post was this past Monday, June 22nd.


I finally pulled the trigger on the big bundle of eight books and Kindle Unlimited. I had to alter the title a bit from the Kobo version, but it’s the same book. Darcy and Elizabeth: A Compilation has my first eight books in it. It can be read as part of a person’s Kindle Unlimited subscription, or purchased outright for $24.99. I decided to keep the Kobo price for this book, knowing I won’t sell many, if at all. To buy each book individually adds up to somewhere around $40, so at more than 60% off, it’s a great deal.

In personal news, I am still struggling with retraining Jasper to stay home alone for three or four hours each day. It’s not going well. I have decided to go ahead and buy him a thunder shirt next week when I get paid. I heard today at the bakery that they really do work, so I have high hopes. <3


I got my Happy Planner stuff today, and have put it all together. I had to buy a “make your own” cover, which means I have to print something out to put in the sleeves of the clear plastic cover pieces. I didn’t have time this afternoon, but I hope to have it completed before bed. I’m eager to begin using it. I’ll have to figure something out as far as stickers and what have you. I think my friend sent me pocket dividers, so I can probably stick one of those in the back and store stickers and washi tape there.

I went on a search last weekend for Bible study related stickers and found some free ones that I’ll use. I want more, though, because I also want to use them in my daily planner.


How are you all doing? Did June pass as quickly for you as it did for me? Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know! I love to hear from my readers! <3


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