News and Updates: Saturday, July 11, 2020

Welcome to (or back to) Austen Promises! Below are my news and updates for this week. Enjoy!


Boy! Is it ever HOT out there!!

In writing news, I’m working on the print cover of A MUCH Later Meeting. The interior is formatted and printed to PDF and ready to go.


Next on my list is the large print edition. I hope to have all three formats of the book uploaded and linked when it goes live on Thursday, July 16th.


 I’m planning on giving my entire list of newsletter recipients a free copy the next time I send a letter to the entire list, which will be Friday, July 24th. That’s two weeks from yesterday. You can sign up for the newsletter by clicking here.


I plan to begin posting at tonight  after church (that’s Saturday night, July 11th).


My Austen Authors post is Monday, July 20th, and I’m going to be giving away copies there, too. Pass the word, please. 😉


Are you a member of the Longbourn Literary Society on Facebook? It’s a group founded by myself, Leenie Brown, and Rose Fairbanks as a way to connect with our readers outside of our personal readers’ groups. We used to do live broadcasts on Saturdays and other fun things, but we took some time off from all that. Well, I plan to bring back the Question of the Week feature. It may not always be Austen-related stuff, but I can guarantee it will always be fun.

As a side note, the three of us have always worked hard to keep LLS an uplifting and enjoyable place to visit, and we intend to continue that.

Part of my effort to get healthy is to use a sit/stand desk so I’m not always sitting on my ever-widening backside. I finally ordered one a couple weeks ago, and all the parts arrived (in three separate shipments! smh) this week. My sister-in-law came over yesterday (Thursday) and helped me put it together.

I’m using the desk now as I type this newsletter up and let me tell you, I love it! The top is spacious and sits low enough that my arms are not either overextended or lifted too high. It is an inch or so higher, probably, than I need, but that’s better than the six inches I’ve been dealing with up until now. I have plenty of room for the new, big monitor, and my old, small one, as well as my planner and laptop.

The desk forces me to sit straighter, too, which is a bit of an annoyance when one is used to slouching. LOL Besides getting me on my feet more often, it should also relieve much of the impingement syndrome in my shoulders. That’s a big plus in my book!

Jasper’s a bit afraid of the up and down motion, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it sooner or later. <3


What’s new with you this week? Have you been able to get out and do anything? Feel free to leave me a comment below. I love to hear from my readers! <3  



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