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Recently, I created a tote bag with my logo on one side of it and the cover for Darcy’s Uneasy Betrothal on the other. Several authors offer this type of swag for our readers (Leenie Brown even has a Society6 shop), but we tend to make these items with quotes and images from our own books on them, not Jane Austen’s. So, I went looking for Austen-themed tote bags.

My Google search results were heavy on the Etsy and Society6 links. There is a link I found for Amazon, but we’ll look at that one later. 🙂

Click to view on Etsy.

Etsy’s search had lots and lots of different Austen-themed tote bags. “Obstinate, headstrong girl” is a popular quote with several having it on them in different fonts. More than just Pride and Prejudice were represented, too. I saw one that listed three or four of Jane’s novels on it. There’s one with Austen’s heroes on it. Some have Jane on them, in silhouette or in the blue gown. What I chose from this website was this obstinate, headstrong girl bag, because I can get the quote in purple.

Next, I looked at Society6, which had similar results to Etsy, but far more colorful. This site has a Mansfield Park bag as well as the usual Pride and Prejudice ones. Honestly, these bags are so much cuter than the Etsy ones, and a Leenie bag ended up in my search, too! LOL If you don’t like color, they do have white and off-white ones. So, back to what I would choose … um …. There’s one with a kitty on it that I like. There’s a white one with a purple Pemberley on it. There’s another with pinks and purples and “Pride & Prejudice” on it. On the second page, there’s one of the peacock P&P designs in Plum. There are two Leenie ones in purple, one of which I received as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. <3

Click to view at Society6.

In the end, I went with this bag. It’s colorful and purple. When I shared the page with Rose, she liked this one with the roses from Leenie and this one with the Northanger Abbey quote. She agreed that the choices were excellent. 🙂

The Literary Gift Company’s website had five options to choose from. One is orange and white and looks like a Penguin edition of Pride and Prejudice. One is the dark blue peacock theme, one says I <3 Darcy (with a black heart … hmmm), and the other two are quotes. The orange bag is sold out, so that one must be popular. I like the quote on the one (“excessively diverted”) but am not fond of the black and white theme. So I guess I’d go with this bag. It has a pink silhouette of Jane and a quote about well-written books being too short.  The site is based in the UK, so prices are in British pounds. Also, I don’t know if they do international shipping, especially in our current world of COVID fears. However, for UK Janeites, there are some nice options!

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Surprisingly enough, Amazon has a whole bunch of Jane Austen totes. (affiliate link) A lot are similar to Etsy and other store options and some are different. Some are illustrations, some are quotes, and one simply has Jane’s picture and her birth and death years. My favorite is this black bag. (affiliate link) That quote describes me, and I have often said it to people. LOL Of course, the one I choose has exactly one review and it’s a one-star from a year ago. I guess it’s not a good idea to wash this tote. LOL Good to know, don’t you think?

I don’t actually use tote bags that often, but if I had the extra funds this week, I’d have ordered several of these choices. People are so creative! Far more so than me. LOL Which bag was your favorite? Feel free to drop me a line below and share it.



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