Thursday’s 300: A MUCH Later Meeting, Epilogue

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Ten days later, Darcy and Elizabeth married in Longbourn Church. They had thought to have the ceremony after Christmas, but Mr. Bennet had insisted it be soon.

“There is no need for you to have a long engagement. Purchase a common license and marry next week.”

“Papa! What would people think?”

“Hang what people will think!” Bennet waved his hand to emphasize his point. When his daughter gasped at his language, he continued. “One of the benefits of reaching the ripe old age of eighty is that I can say whatever I wish with no fear of censure. I am serious. I am living on borrowed time and wish to see you settled before I shuffle off this mortal coil.”

Darcy interrupted the argument. “I will travel to town and obtain a special license. My uncle is the archbishop; he is getting ready to retire, but I am certain he will happily grant me one.”

Elizabeth immediately protested. “The expense! We do not need a special license; a common one is well enough.”

“We can afford it, and it will be no hardship, other than being away from you for a se’ennight.” Darcy lifted Elizabeth’s hand, which he had been holding, and kissed her fingers.

Elizabeth stared at Darcy for a few moments, trying to read his expression. Finally, she gave in. “Very well. If you wish it, you may go get one.”

Darcy grinned at her. “Thank you.” He kissed her hand again.

Now, here they were. Darcy stood at the front of the church, his brother-in-law at his side. He knew he should be nervous, but he was not. In a few minutes, he would marry the woman of his dreams. He had her heart and she had his, and they would be joined forever. He was eager to get on with it.

When the guests had all settled in, the organist began to play. All eyes turned to the back of the church, Darcy’s included. When he saw Elizabeth, everyone else faded. He did not see her father in his wheeled chair being pushed by Neville. He did not hear the murmurs of the guests remarking on how well the bride looked. There was only Elizabeth and her twinkling eyes and eager smile.

Two hours later, the vows spoken and a bit of wedding cake consumed, Darcy and Elizabeth departed in his traveling coach for a few days of honeymooning at a nearby leased estate.


Mr. Bennet lived long enough for his favorite daughter to return from her wedding trip. Seeing Elizabeth so happy fulfilled his last wish, and he passed quietly in his sleep.

Though she spent the first year of her marriage in mourning, Elizabeth knew her father had died happy. She was at peace, married to the best man she knew.

The End


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