Thursday’s 300: A Lazy Sunday at Pemberley

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I wrote today’s vignette specifically for the blog. I’ve made today a pajama day, which inspired me to give Darcy and Lizzy one, too. <3

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Elizabeth Darcy yawned as the early-Autumn, mid-day sun streamed in through a crack in the curtains. She stretched, smiling at the feel of her husband’s arm around her waist. Rolling over to face him, she smiled when he pulled her closer. She ran her hand over his stubble-covered cheek.

Darcy opened one blue eye and smiled back, his lips lifting in a half-grin. He pursed his lips for a kiss, which Elizabeth quickly gave him. He sighed, closing his eyes once more.

Elizabeth brushed the hair off his forehead. “The ball went very long last night.” She yawned. “I wish we did not have to get out of bed.”

Darcy opened his eye again. “We are the master and mistress. Who says we have to?”

Elizabeth’s brows rose. “Are you suggesting we lie about in bed all day? You, the gentleman who becomes restless and irritable of a Sunday evening, when there is nothing to do?”

Darcy thought a moment. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am suggesting that exact thing.”

“Well, I never …”

Darcy sniffed but otherwise ignored his wife’s impertinence. “We need never leave our suite today, unless we wish it.”

A slow grin began to overspread Elizabeth’s features. “Truly? You have no meetings scheduled with the steward, no appointments to go shooting with the neighbors, nothing to draw you away?”

Darcy grinned back, bending his head for another kiss. “I do not.”

“So …” Elizabeth drew the word out. “We have no need to dress, then? We could stay in our nightclothes?”

“If we wish to.” Darcy waggled his brows at her. “Of course, there may be times we wish to remove them, if we become inspired toward certain, shall we say, activities?” He winked, grinning when Elizabeth giggled.

“Well, then. I say that is a very agreeable idea. We have already missed church, and that is really the only reason we have to get out of bed on Sunday, anyway.” She paused. “I am hungry, however.”

“Then let us rise and I shall ring for something to be brought up. Tea and a tray of food.” Darcy sat up, pulling Elizabeth with him.

Elizabeth willingly followed. For the next several hours, the couple lounged around in their rooms talking, eating, and reading. They played chess and returned to the bed now and then for naps and cuddles.

They called for bath water at supper time, and had the maids change the sheets. Then, dressed in clean nightclothes, they ate supper and climbed back into the large bed, where they stayed all night.

The next morning, they reluctantly left their chambers to resume their duties, both looking back longingly as they recalled their lazy Sunday.


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