Darcy’s Bodie Mine

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Darcy's Bodie Mine

When a mine owner meets a saloon singer, will the resulting sparks ignite a romance?

Arriving in Bodie, California with the deed to a new mine in his hand, Will Darcy has no idea what’s in store for him.

Lizzy Bennet is not your usual saloon singer. When a handsome new mine owner insults her, Lizzy lets him know in no uncertain terms that it isn’t appreciated.

Realizing his error, Will sets out to make it right, charming Lizzy in the process. However, an old nemesis of Will’s comes to town and fills Lizzy’s ears with tales of their past interactions. Who will Lizzy believe? Can Will keep her safe from his opportunistic and jealous former friend?

Darcy’s Bodie Mine is Zoe Burton’s first foray into the world of the Old West. If you like handsome cowboys, feisty saloon girls, sneaky villains, and sweet romance, this Pride and Prejudice novel variation is for you. Grab your copy today and discover the gold that is within.

Barnes & Noble Amazon Purchase a Signed Print Copy