Darcy’s Caution

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Darcy's Caution
Pride & Prejudice & Racecars #3

He has a stalker, but his wife is the victim.

Stock car driver Will Darcy and his wife Liz have experienced many ups and downs in their short marriage, but have faced each crisis together. Despite everything they’ve gone through, they’ve grown stronger as a couple.

Their joyful life is soon threatened by a jealous stalker who wants to rid Will of his wife. When Liz disappears, Will tears the county apart looking for her. Can he find her in time, or will his stalker have the last laugh?

Darcy’s Caution is the third in the JAFF series Pride & Prejudice & Racecars. If you like sweet romance, loving couples facing difficulties head on, and fast cars on fast tracks, you’ll love the latest installment of Zoe Burton’s fascinating series.

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Amazon Purchase a Signed Print Copy