Mr. Darcy’s Impulsive Moment

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Mr. Darcy's Impulsive Moment

For a gentleman who never behaves impulsively, when he does it, he does it big.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a thoughtful and deliberate gentleman. He ponders every decision from all angles and proceeds with the utmost caution in everything he does. When he meets a lady who makes his heart race, he struggles to reconcile his feelings with what he feels is expected of him in society and his family. Until, that is, he overhears something alarming.

Elizabeth Bennet enjoys life to the full, including dances with gentlemen at the local monthly assembly balls. When she makes the acquaintance of someone new at one of those events, she is entranced by him. Their dance is one of the most enjoyable she has ever experienced, but he is of a far higher standing than she is, and she knows nothing will likely come of the attraction.

When an impulse leads Darcy to do something he would never, in a rational moment, even consider doing, it has life changing consequences for him, and for Elizabeth. Though neither of them has regrets, there are others in their lives that do and who are determined to tear their betrothal asunder. Will they be able to overcome the opposition, or are they destined to suffer forever with damaged reputations and broken hearts?

Mr. Darcy’s Impulsive Moment is a novel-length Pride & Prejudice variation set in the Regency period.  If you like swoon-worthy heroes, daring heroines, and couples facing struggles together, then you’ll love Zoe Burton’s latest JAFF offering. Pick up Mr. Darcy’s Impulsive Moment today, then curl up in your favorite chair and lose yourself in the world of Darcy and Lizzy!

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