My Favorite Books–Pride & Prejudice

I had such a hard time deciding which book to feature this month, that I finally decided to go with the original, the book that started it all for me: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

What do I love about this book? I love the characters, and how Jane Austen develops them. I love how Lizzy goes from being too full of herself to realizing that she tends to judge too quickly and too harshly. I love that Darcy, even though he thinks he will never see her again, takes her criticisms to heart and makes changes to become a better man. I also love that they have a Happily Ever After. ~sigh~ <3

What do I not like about it? Well, there are a ton of very long compound sentences and LOTS of commas, and it takes real effort to read and comprehend it in spots. Other than that, it’s about perfect! 🙂

Where can you find this gem of a book? Well, just about anywhere! I will link the image to Amazon, but I got my copy at Barnes and Noble back when you could get free ebooks on Fridays. By the way, if they still do that, maybe someone could let me know? I would not mind adding to my collection! 🙂

pride and prejudice cover

Have an awesome month, everyone!!


My Favorite Books–All of Melanie Schertz’s Books

This month’s favorite book was another tough choice. I ended up going with an author again, because I love all of her books and could not choose just one!

Melanie Schertz is this month’s favorite author. She is prolific, with right around twenty titles under her belt. What do I love about them? Melanie has such a vivid imagination that her stories keep you riveted. She was a cop before she became a writer, so she has seen about everything you could imagine, and she uses those experiences in her books.

I do need to warn you that, especially in her earlier books, Melanie has many grammar, usage, and mechanics errors in her writing. She has been quite honest about her dyslexia, and now uses an editor, so her writing is greatly improved. It has been a delight to watch her grow as a writer! 🙂

Melanie is part of the Austen Authors group. She can be found there and on Facebook. Here is her author page at Amazon…she has too many books to list them all!!



If you enjoy her books, I know Mel would love to hear from you! Drop her a line!!




My Favorite Books: A Father’s Sins and Compromised!

My Favorite Books—Two by J Dawn King

For this month’s Favorite Books post, I originally intended to feature J Dawn King’s first book, A Father’s Sins, but then she went and published another book I adore, called Compromised! I could not decide which book to do, so I decided to feature both. They are not J Dawn’s only books, but they are perfect examples of her wonderful writing style and stories.

A Father’s Sins was the first book Mrs. King published. In it, the fathers of both Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet made decisions that would ultimately have a not-so-good effect on their children. George Wickham, Lady Catherine DeBourgh, and the Fitzwiliams all make an appearance.

What do I like about it? Mrs. King’s writing style is one of the best, most smoothly flowing I have ever read. Her story is incredible, and it’s a clean read. I was riveted the first time I picked it up, and I think you will be, as well.
Compromised! is her latest release. In this one, Elizabeth finds an injured Darcy and helps him out, in the process getting herself compromised. Darcy reluctantly proposes, but of course, they fall in love.

I read this one when she was posting on the forums, and again, I was gripped from the beginning. I eagerly awaited every update. Now that it’s available for purchase, I plan to add it to my library as soon as possible so I can read it over and over.

Mrs. King’s books are available at Just click the images below to purchase them.

A Fathers Sins image          Compromised image joy


J Dawn King can be found on Facebook and at her blog. She is one of the sweetest ladies I know, and if you like her books, you should let her know. She’d love to hear from you!!



My Favorite Books–Denial of Conscience

This month’s favorite book features my one and only Book Boyfriend. The book is called Denial of Conscience, and is written by the lovely and talented Cat Gardiner. It’s an Austenesque modern romance with one badaaaad Darcy and an Elizabeth Bennet who, I have been told, is a whole lot like me.

What do I like about this book? Well, I have always had a thing for bad boys. They make my heart race, and this Darcy definitely does that. He is a sniper, so he’s totally not the usual Darcy, and his nickname is Iceman. He falls hard for Liz, but fights it hard too. He rides a Harley, which just makes me swoon! <3 <3 <3

While he is fighting his attraction to Liz and his demons, Liz is fighting some battles of her own. For years she has been trying to mold herself into the perfect daughter, and trying to save her family’s historic home, to please her father. (This is where I have been told I am a lot like this Liz…same idea, different details, though.) When she meets Darcy, it’s like a match to a flame, and WOW the sparks they create! (This is where I should mention the adult content, I guess….because there definitely is some!)

The two go on a wild trip to a foreign country to save the life of her father. But things will never be the same for anyone involved. ~sigh~ 🙂

Have I mentioned I love, love, LOVE this Darcy? <3 😉 <3


Denial of Conscience cover for blog

Cat, along with Pamela Lynn, is part of Vanity & Pride Press. You can find them on Facebook and on Twitter, where they are known as @VPPressNovels. If you like the book, look Cat up and drop her a line…I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!

You can purchase this fabulous book in print and ebook at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My Favorite Books–Dearest Friends

This month’s favorite book is another Jane Austen Fan Fiction (raise your hand if you are surprised.) It was published in November of 2014 by one of my favorite people, Pamela Lynne.

The story is called “Dearest Friends”. I first read it at a JAFF fanfiction site called A Happy Assembly, but when I found out Pamela had published it, I immediately rushed to get the ebook.

Dearest Friends coverWhat do I like about it? I like that Darcy and Elizabeth get together so quickly in this story. I love how…flirtatious…Darcy is, and how much he loves her. He is so tender, and yet so strong. I love how the couple truly becomes one unit, even when still engaged. And I’m not talking sex, because while they flirt and kiss beforehand, they wait until their wedding night to go all the way. And I LOVE that they did, even though I pretty much skipped the actual act. <blush> This book has, along with Linda Wells’, become a go-to story for when I am down and need a lift.


Dearest Friends is available in print and ebook at Amazon and  Barnes and Noble online, ebook at Kobo, and in print at the Createspace Store.

Pamela is part of Vanity Pride and Press with fellow author Cat T. Gardiner. They can be found on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! If you do, let Pamela know! She’d love to hear from you!


My Favorite Books–Memory by Linda Wells

Another new “thing” I’m doing here on my blog is a section for my favorite books. Most will be Jane Austen Fan Fiction. Some will have been around for a while, and some will be newer. They are not reviews, just what I like about them and a link to Amazon and possibly other outlets for each (though I don’t always know where all a book is available).

Today, I am starting with my all-time favorite Jane Austen Fan Fiction. It’s called “Memory”, and is written by Linda Wells. I first found it at a JAFF fanfiction site called A Happy Assembly, but when I discovered that it was published, I bought all three volumes. That’s right…it was so long she had to publish it in three long volumes. I got the ebooks, partly because the individual print copies were out of my price range, and partly because I have no room to store books nowadays.

What do I like about it? Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy are soulmates in this story. They fall instantly in love without ever speaking to each other and are separated for two years due to circumstances before they come together, but when they do come together…WOW!!! I love this Darcy…he is my ideal husband. He would do anything for his Elizabeth. I love that it’s them against the world, because she would do anything for him. They go through a lot, too, and through it all their marriage gets stronger and stronger and they individually get stronger, as well. This is my go-to story for when I am down and need a pick-me-up, even though I know nothing else will get done for a week or so…because I am incapable of putting it down once I start it!


Memory image

“Memory” and all of Linda’s books are available at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble online.