Promises are made and broken every day. In these two stories, Darcy and Elizabeth come together to save her life, and make promises they intend to keep forever.

I Promise To… In this ‘Pride and Prejudice’ novella, Elizabeth Bennet has known Fitzwilliam Darcy since both were very young. When she flees Longbourn and an unwanted suitor, her uncle and his father arrange a marriage between the two.

Promises Kept This novel follows Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy through the first year of their marriage. Not everyone is happy with the marriage, and trouble comes quickly upon them. Dealing with jealous ladies and scornful gentlemen in London as well as illness and injury at Pemberley, they grow together as a couple while Elizabeth regains the confidence she has lost.

This is a two-book bundle containing approximately 88,500 words. It is 508 pages in print.

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