Purple Things I Love: Dried Lavender

Welcome to Austen Promises and my first “purplicious” post!

Well, here I go, writing my first post about purple stuff. Not sure where this will go, but I have to give it a shot. 🙂

Everyone who knows anything at all about me knows that I adore purple. There are so many lovely purple things out there. I’d love to have them all, but that little thing called “money” often stands in my way.

I love to wear purple clothes. I love it so much that I have fretted when I didn’t have any clean, and have commented to others when I was looking at clothes that “They don’t have it in purple. I’ll pass.” I have been told more than once that I can’t always wear purple. My usual reaction is, “Watch me!” 😀

The second book I ever wrote was called Lilacs & LavenderIt had a flower theme and was supposed to have been part of a collaborative effort or boxed set of books. But, the boxed set never got off the ground, so I published it on my own.

In one of my kitchen cupboards, I have a package of dried lavender  (affiliate link) that a friend brought me from a tea shop she visits. I have used it to make lavender lemonade in the summer, and plan to use some to make tea this winter. I have to make time to research it first, so I’m guessing it’s not going to happen right away. LOL The lemonade was good, and it’s supposed to help with headaches, I think. I really should make it more often. 🙂

I love lavender flowers, and have considered getting some for my flower beds, but they have a strong scent and I have bad allergies, so I’m not certain I will. However, I adore them anyway, and if I have to, I can just tape pictures of them up on the windows. LOL

I was at a baby shower recently, one held for my youngest niece, and the gift for attending was soap from Bath and Body Works. I went through the entire box of soap bottles until I found this French Lavender scented one. I love it!! <3

Do you like lavender? Is it your favorite, or do you prefer other scents or no scents at all?  


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6 thoughts on “Purple Things I Love: Dried Lavender

  1. My daughter and I love drinking lavender earl grey tea both hot or iced and if you add some cream and sugar it’s even better. Almost like eating lavender ice cream. Never tried lavender lemonade before but I’m sure it’s great. How could it not after all it has lavender in it.

    • I have some tea that’s Versailles Lavender and Earl Gray and it’s yummy! <3 Never tried it iced, but now you have me thinking ... LOL <3

  2. I love flowers, but their scents give me headaches. Lavender is also great to help you sleep ( used on a diffuser with other things) or keep a sachet in your sock drawer.

    • Yeah, I often get headaches from flowers. I had forgotten about lavender and sleep! I’ll have to try that again. Thanks, Christa! <3

  3. I have learned to my sadness that I am sensitive to lavender. I cannot smell, wear, eat, or drink anything lavender or I get an asthma attack. It is quite annoying as lavender is wonderful for so many things and, as a result, is often added to products.

    • That’s so sad! I confess, though, that I react to hyacinths when Walmart has them blooming, and I’ve heard that lavender is just as strong so I’ve never bought any. I’d hate to plant it around my home and then have to rip it back out!

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