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Did you know that Amazon has an outlet “store”? I did not know it until today. I get periodic emails from the Affiliates Program with products to share. I haven’t done it before, but when I found this outlet store, I knew I had to. All links in this post will be affiliate links, which are free for you to click on, but may earn me a tiny commission (like, four cents on the dollar tiny).

First, here is the link to the Amazon Outlet store. I’ve seen products on here with discounts of 62%! It doesn’t seem like they have a lot of things in this store, but if you find something you need or want … a deal is a deal, you know?

Here’s one item that caught my eye. It’s a tiered maxi dress in off-black. The purple one is not discounted, sadly. Only the black one is.  It’s 30% off, which is a great deal.

Anyway, feel free to click around in the store. You might find something you like, too!



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