Thursday’s 300: The Essence of Love Prologue

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I have finally begun my re-edit of this story. I re-read it a couple weeks ago, and there are parts that definitely need help. LOL The story has this prologue and seven chapters, currently. I don’t really see that changing. It needs help in spots but not so much that I’ll have to add chapters.

I anticipate posting the last chapter around the end of July and having the new files ready to upload to all the places by the end of August. Things happen, of course, and I’m terrible at meeting deadlines, but that’s what I’m shooting for. LOL

As usual, Patreon Patrons will get to read these revised chapters a week before it goes live here on the blog. 🙂



Dear Lizzy,

My visit with my godmother is going very well. I now understand better why you are so fond of visiting London. There is so much here to see and do! It is more diverting than I ever thought possible!

My aunt is a wonderful woman. She reminds me of you, Lizzy, with her clever remarks and the way she makes sport of those around her. I think you would like her very much. I cannot imagine why we have not been to her house before, although I think it would be disrespectful of me to ask my parents to explain. It is likely none of my concern.

I have been to Gunter’s twice with Aunt for ices, and four times to Hatchards. My aunt did insist that I buy something other than sermons. She says that she is determined to add to my liveliness. I worry at times that she wishes me to be like Lydia. She has assured me this is not so, but I wonder at it. I could not bear to be wild and untamed. I should prefer to be demure and accomplished, but if it will make Aunt Agnes happy, then I will comply.

On one of my visits to the bookshop, I met the most delightful young lady. Her name is Miss Georgiana Darcy, and she is but two or three years younger than I; about Lydia’s age. She lives on Park Lane, across from Hyde Park, her parents are dead, and she has an older brother who is one of her guardians. She is such a beautiful girl! Lydia and Kitty would do well to have someone like her to emulate. But I digress.

Miss Darcy and I struck up an almost instant friendship. It was amazing when I think about it. Even before I knew the location of her home, I could tell by her gown that she was far above me. Yet, she was so friendly and obliging! She did not seem to mind at all that I am not as high as she.

She introduced her brother to my aunt and me, and then invited us for tea the next afternoon. Their home is beautiful! I had half-expected an ostentatious show of wealth, but it was not that way at all. It was a very elegant place. You would enjoy it, I think.

Oh, Lizzy, I hate to ask a favor like this, but would you come to stay with Aunt and me for a few weeks? I am overwhelmed with all that I am seeing and doing and feel that I need a sister with whom to discuss it all. I know that Jane is going to Aunt Gardiner’s to help with the new baby, and I do not want to interfere with that, nor do I wish for the help of Kitty or Lydia. You know that they ignore me, and their behavior is simply far too inappropriate for them to attend the events Aunt and I are invited to. You are the best suited, anyway. I have always felt a closer affinity to you, and I know that you, with your keen insight into characters and events, would be just the assistant I need. And, I would like to introduce you to Miss Darcy. If it helps you to decide, she would like to make your acquaintance, as well. Please say you will come!

Your loving sister,


To be continued …


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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s 300: The Essence of Love Prologue

  1. I have a quick question or two. All of these repostings you have been making lately, are they updates you plan to make to the book that will be redistributed to owners, or will we need to purchase additional books? This is one of your stories that I often reread. If I have to get a new one for any updates, please let me know.

    • Hi Linda! I assume you have the books on Kindle? If so, you can go into your account where it says Manage Your Content and Devices, find the book, and click “update”. You can set your Kindle to automatically update books on the preference tab of that page, as well. You should not need to buy a new one. On a NOOK device or app, I think you have to sync your library, and on a KOBO one, you have to use a laptop or desktop computer to open the desktop app, sign in, and sync. You won’t have to buy new books, though.

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