Darcy’s Honorable Proposal


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A compromise leads to a proposal. Danger soon follows.

Elizabeth Bennet finds herself in the one room at a ball that she should not be in, because someone with an ulterior motive directed her there. She tries to leave, but receives a fright that changes her life forever.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is minding his own business when an attractive woman enters the room he is occupying. He approaches her to discover what she is doing, only to realize – when she screams and trips over her hem – that she was unaware of his presence. That one mistake leads him to do as his code of honor demands: he proposes marriage to this complete stranger.

Darcy and Elizabeth are now betrothed, but unknown to them, danger lurks in the shadows. They will soon find themselves fighting for their lives as well as their reputations. Will they be separated forever, or will their new-found love keep them together?

Darcy’s Honorable Proposal is Zoe Burton’s latest Darcy-and-Lizzy-centered Pride and Prejudice variation. If you like love-at-first-sight, unintended compromises, and a splash of danger, you will love Zoe’s newest JAFF offering. Pick up Darcy’s Honorable Proposal today and experience the road to happily ever after of your favorite couple.


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