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Being a lover of purple, I tend to want everything around me to be that color. I have purple curtains in three of the four upstairs rooms of my house. I have purple bath towels. I have purple nightwear. My favorite socks are purple. You get the idea. LOL

I also want my dog to have purple. This was a bit of an issue when I had two dogs, because I’d choose two collars for them and then had to decide which collar for which dog. And, one was a boy and the other a girl, and sometimes the ones I chose were both girly. So, poor Jasper has often worn girly collars. blush

Of course, with Selena gone now, it’s not so much an issue, at least in my head. LOL Scary place, that. 😉

Jasper is currently wearing a purple collar I found at Wal-Mart. Money has been tight, so I got him a cheapy one. I looked on the store’s website so I could show you the collar but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t show up there. SMH Instead, here’s the search results. They have lots of pretty ones, but none of these were at the store the day I bought the one he has on.

This Wal-Mart collar is not the one he was wearing in May, when Selena died, by the way. THAT one is currently sitting on the kitchen counter, where it’s been since I rinsed it off mid-May after Jasper rolled around in a pile of poop something left out in the back yard. *GROSS* It no longer smells, but I haven’t held it to my nose in months either. LOL I didn’t buy that collar, a Blueberry one, at Amazon, but I just now found it at this link (affiliate link).

I got Jasper a new collar for Christmas. It’s still in the packaging, in the dining room. I got it from Chewy the last time I ordered dog food.

You know, one of my books has a dog in it. I’m pretty certain purple dog collars were not a thing in the Regency, but I do think Brutus from To Save Elizabeth would have looked quite well in a purple collar. <3

What do you think?

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