Purple Things I Love: Purple Wreaths

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Here’s a link to last week’s post, in case you missed it. 🙂

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This week’s purple goodness is a wreath of purple flowers.

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I chose this item for a couple reasons. For one, the cover of Mr. Darcy’s Love is my favorite of my old, white-with-a-heart covers. I adore the wreath-like heart on that one with its small purple flowers. <3

The second reason I chose a wreath is that we have officially entered the Christmas season, and wreaths abound. LOL

When I searched Amazon, I found many wreaths with purple flowers. Most were lavender, which I really didn’t want, but ended up going with. The one that looked closest to the book cover had lavender, so … LOL

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Here is a link to the wreath (affiliate link), and here is a link to my initial search results (affiliate link).

I did search purple flower hearts, but did not get what I was looking for, which was wreath-like hearts with vines/greenery and flowers. So, I went back to the wreaths and chose from there.

I loved the looks of many of those wreaths, and I may go back to Amazon in the future to get one or two for Burton Cottage. 🙂

I also looked up plain old purple flowers. Many of the items are marked as bridal flowers, but my mind began firing with images of how I can use them, so again, I may revisit this topic someday and make a couple things for my house. I’ve been searching since I moved in here for something to hang on the nails over the tub area in the upstairs bath, without success. I might just be able to create something, instead. Makes me happy! <3

Do you enjoy using artificial flowers in your home?  

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