Purple Things I Love: Purple Saddle Blankets

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Today’s purple post is brought to you by the following excerpt from Darcy’s Wife Search.


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“It appears, Lizzy, that I was right and you were wrong; Mr. Darcy does like you, very much!”

“Yes, well, make note of it, for it does not happen often!” Everyone but Elizabeth laughed. She only rolled her eyes and smirked.

“Oh, I shall, believe me, and I will remind you of it frequently. Truly, Lizzy, I am delighted for you.”

“Thank you, but he is only calling. He may find, after he knows me better, that he detests me and flees as quickly as his horse will carry him.”

Mr. Gardiner chimed in, “Oh, I do not see that happening, Lizzy. Mr. Darcy is an honorable gentleman. He has a sterling reputation among his peers. If he is interested in you, and it appears that he is, he will behave appropriately at all times, including in the event that he develops a sudden dislike for you.”

“And how could he possibly do that, in any case?” Mrs. Gardiner added her two pence. “Lizzy is one of the most interesting ladies I know, and I am confident you agree, Edward.” Turning to her niece, she continued, “You are accomplished and intelligent. Your mother has taught you how to run a household and your father to run an estate. You would make an excellent mistress, of Pemberley or any other one. If Mr. Darcy does not offer for you, and we have at present no reason to think he will not, then some other fine gentleman will. Your uncle and I have connections that make even the Prince Regent envious, and I am not boasting by saying so. We will find both of you excellent husbands, mark my words.”

Smiling at their aunt, the girls could think of nothing else to say and so turned the conversation to other topics for the remainder of the ride.


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I confess I know little about horses or riding them. I have been on a horse exactly once, when I was somewhere around 11 or 12 years of age. We were visiting the home of one of my father’s coworkers who had horses. All I remember is being up on the horse while someone led us around. I remember enjoying it, despite being so high up in the air. LOL

I would very much like to learn to ride at some point before I die, despite my severe allergy to horse hair. 😀

In the scene above, Jane is teasing Lizzy because Darcy has asked to court her, just as Jane had predicted earlier. Lizzy’s response, about Darcy racing his horse as far away from her as possible is what inspired me to look at purple saddle blankets.

The search results from Google were encouraging. I figured lots of horse girls were into purple, and it appears I am correct. LOL

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The first website I looked at was State Line Tack. They had a lot of cool choices, including Navajo patterns. I went with this wool blanket. I wasn’t sure when I clicked if it was purple or black, but it’s definitely purple. I love the cross in the corner and the embroidered swirls around it. I think it’s both pretty and kind of fancy, and definitely me. LOL

Next up was Amazon (affiliate link), but I wasn’t thrilled with the choices they offered. This one (affiliate link) is probably the best option out of all of them. I like it for the shade of purple and the simplicity. The price isn’t bad, either. LOL

I looked at eBay next. I had a harder time making a choice here. I narrowed it down to two, one of which had a delightful shade of purple. The other had some cool leather tooling on it but the purple wasn’t so nice. This is the one I went with, though, the cool one. This one is more expensive than some of the others, but with the leather, I’d expect that.

Click to view on Amazon. (affiliate link)

I’ve not been on eBay in years. I’m happy to see you can make outright purchases now, rather than do the auction thing. I enjoy attending real auctions but I’m not good with the bidding thing.

What do you think of the saddle blankets? I know Darcy would probably not be caught dead with one on his horse, but Lizzy might! And you know he’d insist on teaching her to ride. LOL  


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