Thursday’s 300: Too Hot!

Welcome back to Thursday’s 300!

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This little vignette was inspired by the current heat wave here in extreme northeast Ohio. I hope you enjoy it.

Too hot!

Elizabeth Darcy lay across the bed she shared with her husband in nothing but a loose maternity dress she had worn in the last couple months of her pregnancy last year. The roomy gown was the most comfortable thing she owned, and with the heat and humidity of the last three days, it was a blessing. She had asked her abigail to modify the sleeves, and what she was now wearing was essentially a sleeveless sack. She loved it.

She turned her head to the hallway door when she heard it creak, and smiled to see her husband enter.

“There you are,” he said as he pushed the wooden panel closed. He came closer, kicking off his shoes and removing his cravat.

“Here I am.” She rolled to her side, propping her head up on her hand with her elbow on the mattress. “How did your meeting with Mr. Allman go?” She watched as he shrugged out of his tail coat.

Darcy tossed the garment on a nearby chair and turned his attention to his waistcoat. “About as I expected. The rents were all collected and the bills will be paid in the coming week. The harvest is starting to come in now; if the rain holds off for another day or two, the early crops will be gathered and in the barns.” He shrugged and pulled his shirt tails out of his breeches. “Then it will be time for wheat.” He sat on the bed to remove his stockings. “By that time, this weather will have passed and it will be cooler.”

“Cooler, yes.” Elizabeth flopped onto her back as her husband stretched out beside her. “I am eager for cooler. I would have liked a cold bath, but I do not want the staff to do more than is required. I told Mrs. Reynolds to make them take breaks as often as needed and asked Cook to make us something cold and light for supper tonight. I would imagine she will serve sandwiches and perhaps a cold soup.”

“That sounds good. It is too hot for a heavy meal, anyway.” Darcy reached over and ran his finger along the edge of her sleeve. “This looks very comfortable.”

Elizabeth grinned. “It is.” She touched the exposed hollow of his throat. “You look rather comfortable, as well.” With a wink, she slid her hand up to run through his hair.

“Oh, I am.” Darcy leaned down and kissed his giggling wife. “What do you say we sneak down to the lake and go swimming?”

Elizabeth’s eyes grew wide. “In the daylight?”

Darcy laughed. “Well, we could …” When her mouth dropped open, he relented. “Not in the daylight. I have no wish for all of Pemberley to see my wife without her clothing. No, I suggest we wait until it starts getting dark and then go. Me in my …” He waved a hand up and down his body. “Undressed state and you in your barely-there gown.”

Elizabeth pursed her lips and looked away as though she were thinking, but then grinned at him. “I think that is one of the best ideas you have ever had, my love.”

“Good.” Darcy grinned and then kissed her again when she yawned. “Perhaps by then, you will be awake enough for more amorous activities.”

“Hmmm, perhaps.” Elizabeth curled up beside her husband, close but not so much so that she was made hotter than she already was. “Bennet needs a sibling, you know.” Suddenly, she was asleep.

Darcy chuckled and smoothed her hair back before kissing her head and curling up beside her. “Indeed, he does.” Within minutes, he was asleep, as well.

The End

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