Thursday’s 300: All those servants!

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This vignette was inspired by my desire for a maid to clean my house. LOL


All Those Servants!

Elizabeth Darcy had been married nearly a year, and she still had not gotten used to having so many servants.

Before she married, when she was still at Longbourn, she shared a maid with her mother and four sisters. That maid was not just their abigail, she was also the upstairs maid, which meant that her time was split not only between six women but also between attending to them and cleaning and maintaining the family quarters and guest rooms.

Downstairs, the Bennets had a cook and a housekeeper, a scullery maid, and a man of all work. In total, they had five servants.

At Pemberley, things were very different. She had a maid who attended her and her alone, and her dear husband had a valet, who, like Elizabeth’s maid, attended only to Darcy’s needs and nothing else.

Pemberley had a housekeeper, a cook, several scullery maids, and at least a dozen each of housemaids and footmen. In addition, there were three laundry maids. When they had company, extra servants were often hired on a temporary basis. To Elizabeth, it was a dizzying array of people with names to remember and temperaments to deal with. She often thanked the good Lord for Mrs. Reynolds, her housekeeper, who ruled the staff with an iron fist.

Elizabeth shook her head as she walked past an empty drawing room and heard two of the maids talking quietly as they worked. She knew that if she had a need, one or both would immediately stop what they were doing and help her with whatever was needed. Or, she could call to one of the footmen stationed in the hallway and he would do it.

To be honest, she thought, I do not even need to call them. I suspect my dearest love to have ordered them to keep a close eye on me so that I am assisted before I know I need it. She laughed to herself. I am used to doing for myself, still, though I confess it is nice to have someone always nearby. Certainly, the staff was a great help in carrying and hiding gifts at Christmas and Darcy’s birthday.

She smiled at Lawrence, the footman on duty at the top of the grand staircase.

“Are you well, Mrs. Darcy? May I assist you down the stairs?”

“I am very well, thank you. I daresay I can navigate the steps perfectly well on my own, but I appreciate your offer.” She smiled again to soften her words. “But you have my permission to tell Mr. Darcy I accepted it, should he ask.” She winked and started down the stairs, grinning as Lawrence did his best to swallow a laugh.

The End

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