Thursday’s 300: Elizabeth’s Journal

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This vignette was inspired by my  own journaling. I write a letter to God every morning (well, most mornings. I do miss a day  now and then LOL).


Elizabeth’s Journal

Elizabeth Darcy sat in her husband’s study, scribbling in her journal. She snuck a look at Darcy, who was answering a letter, and smiled softly, then looked back at her book and wrote some more.

The more she wrote, the deeper her focus became on what she was doing. She leaned closer to the journal, holding down the page with one hand while the other scratched out her thoughts as fast as she could get them out. Stopping to have to dip her pen into the ink made her impatient; as a result, more than one blot marred the page. She would scratch out misspellings when she caught them, but was just as likely to leave them and move on. She filled one page, turned it, and soon had a second crammed solid with words. Though her focus never wavered from her writing, she did pause now and again to gather her thoughts.

Finally, the flow of words slowed. She glanced over what she had written, trying to see if she had addressed everything she wished to say that day. Eventually, with a deep sigh, she wrote the closing to her entry and set her pen down.

“How many pages today, my love?”

Elizabeth startled at Darcy’s deep voice. She counted back to the beginning of her entry.

“Five today. I did not expect that.” She laughed. “I did not think I had all that much to say when I began.”

Darcy chuckled. “Did you not? I am not at all surprised that you did.”

Elizabeth pretended affront. “Are you saying a talk too much?”

“Not at all.” Darcy winked. “After a year of marriage, I know better than to even infer something like that.”

“Oh, and it took you an entire year to learn this lesson?” Elizabeth grinned when her husband laughed.

“No. I learned that rather quickly.” Darcy tilted his head, examining his wife’s features with a smile. “Will you tell me what you wrote?”

“You can read it if you like.” She offered him the book.

He shook his head. “I will read the full version later. Give me the condensed account for now.”

“I wrote mostly about the lesson that was in the sermon yesterday. I love the fact that our rector writes his own sermons instead of getting them out of books. It makes them seem more meaningful.” Elizabeth shrugged.

Darcy nodded as he leaned back in his chair. “I agree. I was glad to give him the living when it came open. I knew from the moment I met him that he would fill the position better than the candidate for which it had been intended.” Darcy never spoke the name of his childhood nemesis and now brother-in-law if he could help it.

Elizabeth sighed. She hated thinking about her sister’s never-do-well husband as much as Darcy did. “He does fill it well.”

“Is that all you wrote about?”

“Not at all. I described the weather in great detail and the walk in the woods we took yesterday and how much I enjoyed it.”

Darcy grinned. “Did you now?” When he heard Elizabeth’s affirmation, he laughed. “Did you write about everything that happened on our walk? And how delighted you were with all of it?” He laughed again when she blushed.

Stiffening her spine and affecting a stern demeanor, she spoke to him sharply. “I was quite precise in my descriptions of how all I wished for was to be left alone but was instead poked and prodded and bitten until I could do aught but scream.”

When Darcy only laughed harder, Elizabeth found herself unable to maintain her expression. Instead, she dissolved into laughter. When Darcy grabbed her hand and pulled her around the desk and into his lap, she went willingly. The couple laughed together for a while, but soon felt the urge to take another walk in the woods. So they did.

The End


Do you journal? What do you think about Elizabeth’s five pages of thoughts?  



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