Darcy’s Favorite


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His duty tells him no, but his heart screams yes.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has always done his duty, and he arrives in Hertfordshire to support his friend, not knowing that he would soon be questioning everything he held dear.

Elizabeth Bennet is immediately drawn to the friend of her future brother-in-law, but a match between them seems hopeless when he appears to dislike her entire family.

Despite his efforts to remain aloof, the more Darcy learns about Elizabeth, the more intrigued he is. Will he be able to overcome his drive to do his duty, or will he walk away from the woman he loves?

Darcy’s Favorite is the latest JAFF novella variation from Zoe Burton. If you like honorable heroes, saucy heroines, and sweet romance, this is the book for you. Pick up Darcy’s Favorite today!


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