News and Updates: Saturday, March 13, 2021

Welcome to (or back to) Austen Promises! Below are my news and updates for this week. Enjoy!

(P. S. This post contains two affiliate links, which cost nothing for you to click on but which might result in me making a few pennies.)


We’ve had such wonderful weather here the last few days! Jasper and I got out in the sun and warmth and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

This week, I have written 3,435 words in 3 days. Darcy’s Unwanted Bride is basically complete. I am finishing up the epilogue now and must add in some details in a couple spots.


Once the book is final, with all edits made, I will send copies to my Patreon Patrons, then start posting on DarcyandLizzy. I will also be giving copies away here in my newsletter and in my Burton’s Babes Facebook reader’s group.


My next Austen Authors post is the last Monday of this month, March 29th. I will be giving away copies of the new book.


This month’s promo book is the Coming Together bundle. Next week, the book will be in six newsletters, one each day from Tuesday through Saturday. The book will remain priced at $2.99 for the entire month. Next month’s promo book will be Darcy’s Adventures, which will be getting a new cover and some updated back matter. Probably. 😉


I’m uncertain which book will be next in the lineup. I have a half-dozen choices. I know it won’t be race book 4, though I do hope to finish that at the end of the year. I’ll let you know when I decide. 🙂


I haven’t been reading much lately, because I was trying to keep my focus on my own book. However, I recently read Wendy Vella’s Lady in Disguise.  (affiliate link) This is a Regency romance. It’s not a “clean” book and it could have used some more editing, but it had an engaging storyline. I also read a contemporary romance from Shanna Hatfield called Rose (affiliate link), which is part of a series of books by different authors called the Beach Brides series. Shanna writes clean romance and is one of my favorite authors. I’d go so far as to call her books insta-buys.

In personal news, I recently reconnected with a friend from my former life down by the Ohio River. I spent two hours on the phone with her last night, which is always a difficult thing for me, because I hate talking on the phone, but which this time passed very quickly. I got caught up on a lot of news and was able to talk about my books a little. <3


Has anything exciting, fun, or uplifting happened to you this week? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know. I love to hear from my readers!


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